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Eaves Cleaning: When and Why?

Cleaning out your eaves is one of those jobs that is often forgotten about until it’s too late. But this chore is necessary to prevent serious damage to your roof, foundation, and your eavestroughs themselves.

Why Get Your Eaves Cleaned?

The purpose of eaves is to collect rainwater and snow melt then direct it away from your home and more specifically, your foundation. Water is the enemy of your foundation and your home in general – potentially causing mould, leaving you vulnerable to termites and other pests, or even structural damage.

Clogged or sagging gutters can also allow water to enter your roof, another potential location for rot and decay. If water freezes in your roof you risk extensive damage and expensive repairs – repairs that can be easily avoided.

How Often Do You Eaves Need To Be Cleaned Out?

In general, it is recommended Toronto homeowners clean out their gutters once a year in November. This is when you’re going to clean out all of the leaves and twigs – typically the culprits in major clogs. If your home is surrounded by trees that shed a lot you might want to do it more often than that.

Even if you have gutter guards of some kind – you should still get your eaves cleaned out every other year or so. Debris still manages to find its way around the guards, so you’re not completely out of the woods even if you get them installed.

Source: Homeservice Club of Canada