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Raise The Roof!

The life expectancy of your asphalt shingled roof depends on factors that include roof design and the climate you live in, as well as the quality of installation and long-term care and maintenance.The expected life of a roof covering depends on many variables including: Asphalt Shingle Quality: Type, quality, thickness, shingle design and rating of…

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Quartz is the New Granite!

There used to be a time when granite was the only word you’d hear from home owners fantasizing about dream kitchens. With their classic elegance and good resale value, it’s no wonder granite countertops have reigned at the top of home design wish lists. Until now. Turns out, more designers are turning to another material for kitchen counters:…

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Planning a Kitchen Reno?

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s the place where family and friends congregate to talk and share meals, and is always the busiest room in the house. A well-lived-in kitchen shows that it is loved and put to good use, but there’s a big difference between being used often, and looking like it.…

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Electrical Fire Prevention

According to the Canadian National Fire Information Database, electrical failures or malfunctions cause an average of almost 50,000 home fires per year, resulting in roughly 450 deaths and $1.5 billion in direct property damage.   Most of these happen during winter months due to increased use of heating, appliances and lights. Here are the 5 most common…

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Top Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2018

For most people, the bathroom has become a coveted sanctuary. No longer is it just a place to wash off the grit. It is your personal spa, where you relieve the stress of the day and relax. So, when you are renovating your bathroom, you are not just creating a practical bathing space; you are creating a place…

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Disclosing Defects

Written by Lorne Shuman Many real estate agents and lawyers are often faced with advising both buyers and sellers of their legal obligations to disclose defects on the property. This article will discuss the difference between different types of defects and will also provide some guidance for both sellers, buyers and realtors in terms of…

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Window Replacement in Winter

You may have heard that replacing windows during winter months is a bad idea. This is a common misconception among homeowners, but the truth is, there are some advantages to scheduling your window replacement project during the winter.  Here are the two main reasons: Easy to Schedule: It’s easier to schedule window replacement during the…

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What Causes Ceramic Floor Tiles to Crack?

Ceramic tiles come in seemingly limitless sizes, colours and shapes. They are an economical, and often more durable, alternative to real stone and provide superior resistance to wear than other types of flooring materials, such as wood or carpet. Ceramic tiles should not crack under normal usage, and, when they do, it is almost always…

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Best Smart Home Devices of 2017

The best smart home devices are dramatically bringing your dumb household into the future, letting you control everything from the front door lock to the bedroom lights with a phone, tablet or even a smart speaker. Here’s the problem: upgrading to a smart home isn’t as easy as simply buying a single device. It’s a…

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Winter is Here!

Get Your Mind in the Gutters Your roof’s drainage system annually diverts thousands of gallons of water from your home’s exterior and foundation walls. That’s why it is so important to keep this system flowing smoothly. Clogged gutters can lead to damaged exterior surfaces and to water in your basement. They are also more prone…

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