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Spring Lawn Maintenance

You’ve been waiting for it all winter, now that the snow has finally almost melted you’re ready to shake off your cabin fever and your inner HGTV star can tackle all those projects around the house.

But don’t go running off to the garden center just yet.

When it comes to landscaping some projects are more worth it than others. Your home’s curb appeal isn’t necessarily a less-than-worth-it reno — but it’s important to keep the big picture in mind when deciding which lawn-care moves to invest in.

If you’re planning on selling your house soon, don’t waste money on things that don’t affect the property immediately—like fertilizing, overseeding, aerating the lawn, or insect control. If a move isn’t imminent, don’t buy all established plants, try planting seeds in one spot to get a sense for how green your thumb at a fraction of the price. With a little patience and TLC, you’ll eventually have that dream garden.

Don’t forget that a little bit of lawn maintenance goes a long way. Mowing; weeding; edging along gardens, walkways and the driveway; raking leaves; and trimming the hedges can make a huge difference. Add in a few blooms for a little colour, and you’ll have a transformed yard.

Source: Homeservice Club of Canada