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Let There Be Light

Buying windows and doors can be a major investment and is something you should only have to do once. Knowing when to buy new is just as important as the window company and its products. Perhaps your windows are still okay – a reputable company will tell you.

Here are some tell-tale symptoms of windows that need replacing:

  • Your home has started to feel drafty in cold weather or too hot in warmer weather;
  • Your costs for heating and/or air conditioning are high and continue to increase;
  • The glass is cracked or steamy between panes;
  • Hardware is in need of repair;
  • The paint has started to chip or peel;
  • Your windows rattle in the wind;
  • The window is difficult to open or close;
  • The wood is soft or discoloured – meaning it’s begun to rot.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, chances are it’s time to update your windows.

Source: Homeservice Club of Canada