Landscaping 101 – Make Your Yard Work For You

Select Indigenous Plants

Not only will this reduce maintenance and increase curb appeal, but these plants typically grow well together and can require less chemical fertilizer than exotic plants. In addition to being beautiful accents, native plants also attract birds, butterflies, and bees!

Bring Life to Small Spaces

You can enjoy all the rewards that come with gardening even if you are challenged with limited space. Basic design principles still apply – choose a focal point, understand what the plants you choose need to thrive, and create an environment that isn’t going to overwhelm you with its upkeep. Anything can be worked into a small garden space; just remember to consider scale.

Cold Weather Gardening

Keep your landscape gorgeous year round with plants suited to our climate. Instead of foliage and flowers, consider plants in terms of bark, berries, and shape. Wisteria’s strange, twisting branches, in combination with Japanese maples and evergreen trees/shrubs provide visual appeal against those bleak winter landscapes.

Create an Outdoor Oasis

Create an outdoor living area by adding a deck or patio for entertaining and relaxing year round. There are varieties for any style and budget, including concrete pavers, natural clay, wood, stones, and brick.

Source: Homeservice Club of Canada